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SEVENRODS products are divided into four families, designated by arabic numbers. Each product family consists of interconnect and dedicated speaker cable. The brief characteristics of individual families are shown below.

This is a basic cables family. Thanks to conductors and technologies adapted from the more advanced SEVENRODS designs, ROD1 means the "brand sound" at a very affordable price. Application - middle level stereo and home theatre components.

Developed to meet Hi-Fi requirements, this family meets all corporate objectives introduced by SEVENRODS. The ROD2 products are designed to give their best with the upper class of stereo and home theatre components.

Very advanced cables, specifically designed to work with the most demanding stereo equipment. These cables are superior to ROD2 family, but also meet the conditions for seamless co-operation with high current sources and
high output power amplifiers .

These are our flagship Hi-End products, available only in limited numbers, on special request.

Jumpers are used to connect dual cable terminals in speakers designed for bi-wiring or bi-amping.

Dust Caps are used to protect unused RCA sockets.