Star-quad geometry

ROD2 is a family of upper Hi-Fi class interconnects and speaker cables, meeting all corporate objectives developed by SEVENRODS. Products of ROD2 family are designed for analog connections between higher class stereo/home theater devices.

Reviews of ROD2 cables are listed here, products photos are available in the gallery.

ROD2 IC - star-quad geometry type interconnect. This type of geometry was used for increased resistance to external EMI interferences, which can modulate the proper audio signals. We used silver-plated copper conductors and PTFE insulator. Pairs of conductors create negative and positive 0.5mm2 cross-section wires covered with anti-RFI copper shield. Single-ended construction is semibalanced, which makes the cables directional. In balanced version the copper shield connects ground pins, directivity of cable is determined by XLR plugs. The whole cable structure is surrounded by PET braided sleeve in black with green marker, which protects the cable from mechanical damage. We also used solid, silver-plated RCA plugs with teflon insulator or silver-plated XLR plugs, ensuring good contact with sockets. Solder connections are made using silver-copper tin. Available length 2x1m.

ROD2 SP - speaker cables with star-quad geometry. We used silver-plated copper conductors and PTFE insulation. Cross-section of wires is 2x2.5mm2. The entire structure is covered with tight polyolefine layers and protective PET braided sleeve, visually identical to that used in interconnects. Cables are terminated with Z-type silver-plated connectors. Solder connections were made using silver-copper tin. Available length 2x2.5m.