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Silver-plated copper
Thanks to silver-plated copper conductors the fuller, cleaner and more balanced sound was obtained than using pure copper conductors, and the nuisance defects of sound present in pure silver conductors were eliminated.

Teflon insulation
In SEVENRODS cables we use FEP and PTFE - the best available dielectrics. Their dielectric factor closest to dielectric factor of air and physicochemical properties result in the excellent insulating and mechanical properties of these polymers.

EMI/RFI protection
In order to protect subtle audio signals, running through conductors, the sealed tinned copper shield was used to effectively suppress RFI type interferences at frequencies up to 1GHz. EMI type disturbances are reduced by the internal geometry of wires.

RCA/XLR plugs
Based on listening tests, for all producs we used high quality locking-type RCA connectors with silver-plated contacts and PTFE insulation or Neutrik® XLR connectors with silver-plated pins.

Spade lugs/z-plugs
For speaker cables we chose excellent Z-type silver-plated connectors, matching both banana plug sockets and BFA terminals. Spade connectors are available on request.